Gentle Ways of Cleansing your Body

It is essential to know the gentle modes of cleansing the body so you can keep it clean regularly to avoid harmful consequences which may arise from shocking the body with an abrupt change. Some people with hypoglycemia a condition which keeps the body sugar low therefore fasting is not an option for them. If they try this, they may faint, or their vision gets blurred after a short time. The following are gentle methods for cleansing your body.

Soak and exfoliate


The skin and epidermis is the greatest organ of the body and can store toxins like any other organ. If you allow the toxins to leave the body through the pores, you have to slough off the dead skin and residual product which may be clogging the pores. Using body scrubs like a sugar scrub, or any loofah of your choice are effective ways to remove dead skin as well as residue from the body. Ensure you thoroughly exfoliate every inch to allow the skin to do its job.

Drink a lot of water

Research shows that you need to drink as much water as you can when thirsty but if you do the bathtub soak, you need to drink fluids when detoxing in this manner. You can feel dehydrated or tired during and after the soak so ensure somebody is home and you do not need to be anywhere for some time. Start hydrating intentionally throughout the day and find out the amount you drink when thirsty. Some people recommend that you take half your weight. This is an important piece of health since your body is made of 70% water.

Infused water and green tea

Green tea detoxes the body with its antioxidants, the same way infused water does. The antioxidants support the body’s ability to detox itself. Green tea antioxidant polyphenols fight free radicals, cells in your body which need to be removed before causing damage. Additionally, it encourages other body systems to detox.

Diet adjustments

Some foods are harder to digest than other, and each body is different regarding digestion. Everybody has their own tolerances and allergies to some foods and ingredients. When you are sick and not keeping down food, some can advise you to lower your food intake to BRAT. This stands for bananas, rice, applesauce and toast, foods which have a lot of benefits and can be digested easily.

Guided meditation

guidedmedidationThe physical and emotional body are interconnected than you can imagine so part of the cleansing process needs to involve mental cleansing. A passive way of cleansing the subconscious is by using guided meditation. Deep breathing and nature sound to flood the cells with oxygen. You may find a lot of guided meditations with various focuses on youtube. Try various of them every night and day.…