Common Types of Allergies

Those suffering from allergies can suffer to varying degrees, and a few of them need to take medication for the allergies. Rhinitis is the most common allergy that affects people. The following are other allergies that commonly affect people.

Skin allergies

These vary a lot. The most known symptom is eczema and hives that can have different causes. For instance, eczema is caused by contact with some specific substances like latex and perfumes. Other conditions may be present that may exacerbate eczema like having particularly dry skin.skinallergy

Food allergies

These are probably considered the most common and the first which many people tend to think of. People tend to be allergic to a variety of foods and have specific intolerances. For instance, celiac disease due to intolerance to gluten. But this is also a rarer allergy where someone will be allergic to processed cereal meaning they cannot take oats, wheat, and bread or anything which has processed by the modern agricultural methods of farming.

Allergies to pollen and grass

Grass pollen is also another common allergen for most people, and its symptoms normally manifest during summer. Those with this allergy try to avoid areas with too much grass that may at times have an impact on the life quality of these people depending on the activities they do. In some cases, certain medications can be taken.

The most known symptom of pollen or grass allergy is rhinitis where the nose gets inflamed and cause significant build-ups of mucus. Whereas this may be a nuisance in most cases, some people find the symptoms to be very bad that they can be unable to sleep or go to school.


Way forward if you suspect an allergy case

dermatogistIf you suspect you have allergic reactions to some substances and materials, then it is best that you first avoid using these substances and see if there are any improvements. However, the best way to go about it is to see a doctor or see an allergy specialist. If you suspect any skin condition, then it is a good idea to schedule an appointment with your dermatologist. It is, however, important that you avoid any medication without consulting your doctor first. There can be a wide range of treatments which you can be used before you try to seek strong medicines.…